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All these play and learning elements are made out of REAL trees that were cut as part of a sustainable forest conservation program, so there is nothing fake on this page!

These elements are not replicated trees, they’re not pieces of concrete or plastic made to LOOK like tree parts. These are the real deal!

What would possibly be the point of introducing children to the natural world using fake materials? Isn’t the whole idea to have children touch, smell, see, and pick up real wood, so they learn what it is, how it behaves, what it does when exposed to the elements, how heavy it is, what happens when it dries out, and so on?

If you’re serious about your children learning about nature, then buy these products so they can.

If anyone tells you that these real wood products won’t last as long as concrete or plastic, they are absolutely right. But we use hardwood which lasts much longer than softwood, and everything is very affordable, so if you have to replace something in 4-5 years, it’s well worth it for the positive impact it’s had on your children.

By the way, the bigger the wood component, the longer it’ll last. For instance, a stepping stump may last up to 10 or more years!

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