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Analemmatic Sundial template

Analemmatic Sundial template
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: Biodegradable paper
Age Appropriateness: all ages, including adults
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The Analemmatic Sundial is a truly interactive, fun, and very simple mathematical sculpture that is easy to build and fun to use!

Children interact with this time sculpture by using their own shadows to measure the time in hours, weeks, and months. The simple act of making themselves the gnomon casting a shadow will also help them begin understanding the Earth's movement relative to the sun, the changing seasons, the relationship of shadows to the position of the sun, and much more.

There is no better way for children to interact with the sun, and begin understanding why it was so important to the development of civilization and why it remains vital to life on earth.

Because the accuracy of the Analemmatic Sundial depends on your particular location on earth, your template will be designed for your exact location!

We then print a life-sized, 8’ wide template on biodegradable paper, and send it to you with full instructions for an installation in or on top of the ground, or for painting on a canvas, sidewalk, or parking lot.

This Analemmatic Sundial template provides an inexpensive way to create a must-have play and learning element that provides hours of interactive fun with the sun.

The Analemmatic Sundial is an indispensable play and learning component for any age group (including adults!) on playgrounds, parks, plazas, and other public and private spaces. Order yours today!

(Photos credits: Analemmatic Sundials from France, Iran, and Moscow)