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Returns and Satisfaction Policy

We are completely focused on making sure that every customer is satisfied with their products. However, we have a zero return policy because the cost of shipping is usually significant enough that it makes no sense to return a product. We do accept returns but cannot refund shipping and all return shipping is incurred by the customer. There is an occasional 5-10% restocking fee which is determined case by case.

Our policy, therefore, is to resolve each situation in the best manner possible: for example, we may offer product replacement, discounts, or other remedies to fix and address each problem.

However, a lot of our products are made out of child-friendly, MCA-treated wood, and the very nature of wood is that it dries out after a tree is cut down because it is no longer getting nutrients from its root system. When wood dries out, its cells lose moisture, so the wood shrinks, and the result of shrinking is that wood cracks and splits. This is just the nature of wood, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it! :))

Please keep in mind that you have chosen to go with much more natural play elements, and whether you are dealing with tree parts, or milled lumber from trees, you will invariably see signs of drying wood such as cracks and splits. In most cases, this will not affect the intended use of the product in any way, which is why we won’t replace it for free.

If you don’t like the way it looks, you can always fill in the cracks with wood epoxy/putty, or stuff the cracks with wood glued in place, and then sand it smooth when it dries. If you think that kids handling the wood might get a sliver, just sand the edges of the cracks with 60+/- grit sandpaper you can easily get from the hardware store, and that will eliminate the problem.

Do not forget: that we always recommend that you spray/paint/treat the wood at least once (best if it’s twice!) a year with kid-friendly wood preservative. We found a unique product that is the best one we’ve EVER come across. It’s now available in our store. Look under Maintenance.

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