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Dear Ethan

I just wanted to thank you for your help while we were purchasing playground elements.

We chose to create a musical corner in our playground by adding a musical fence, a pebble harp, and 2 hank drums.

Now everything is installed on our playground and we just love it!

Most importantly, even though the pebble harp was slightly damaged during shipping, Dawn handled the issue with such respect and with such a genuine personality.

Dawn offered to replace the harp, but our carpenters on campus were able to repair the minor issue so there was no need to replace it with a new one.

Dawn then offered to send us some free tree cookies to make up for our inconvenience (even though it wasn’t your fault), and I couldn't have been more thrilled. This was so incredibly nice of Dawn and it makes me realize even more how reputable your company is.

It has been a pleasure working with your company, and after a few more fundraising events, we will be sure to purchase more play and learning elements from Natural Playgrounds!

Thank you for your products!!!

Kristine W


Hi, Guys,

We saw your Pebble Harp at the conference: it is spectacular!!

We ended up buying one with a grant I wrote and we all LOVE it!

Every day during nap time the custodians play it too, along with our other outdoor musical instruments, as they pass through the Center. =)



Hi guys,

THANKS and WOW!!!!

Everyone is really, really, happy with the new Natural Playground plan, it is truly wonderful!

Now it is full steam ahead to put everything in place.

Thank you ever so much.

Cheers for now I will take photos when it is done and send them if you would like to see the final result.




Hi Ron,

Please know that there is only one local natural playground company and they charge 2-3 x what you do for similar elements!!

Even though shipping from them is less, it ends up being more expensive, and it's only an hour away!!

I do appreciate that you keep your costs reasonable, and clearly do what you can to meet the needs of your clients.

Best regards,



Hi Guys,

I would love to be used as a reference!

I could never thank you enough for how much you contributed to our playground project.

Kevin D


Thanks so much for this timely quote !! You guys rock in customer service !! Have an awesome weekend !



Hi Ron,
It was awesome to see you today and I was regretting the faculty meeting. I wish I had more time with you to relate more stories about the successes of our environment.

All the best for the fab work that you do. It has made an immense difference in the lives of so many children at our school.


Hello Ron,

I just saw pictures of your playground at McCarthy/Tezler school for children with disabilities: brilliant!

The textures and colors of the herbs and other plants, walkway patterns, change of materials and levels in different areas, use of water, and the cozy feel of the conversation areas make it a really special place.

I'm so glad the school found the resources to do it!




Good Morning Ron –

I wanted to let you know that we received our shipment last Friday.

I appreciate the follow up that you did to make this happen before December 31st.

The order looked great and they were very happy to receive it.



Hi Ethan,

Yes, I am still interested in the wood crawl through. I have put it on my wish list for the new budget period.

We are so happy with all the other items we ordered, and the new products on your store website give us lots of new ideas.

I hope we will be adding on soon.




Hi, Ethan,

We received the last shipment today and the pieces are being installed.

Everything was well-made and looks great. I will make sure I send you some pictures of the playground.

Thank you very much!




I don't know that I sent my comments to you after reviewing the final plan for our new Natural Playground.


I shared it at our Specialist meeting yesterday and everyone is so excited!

I love the use of the air conditioner fence as purposeful space.

I love the child created walking stones.

I love the infant area and all of the places to sit and just "be" in the beautiful space...

....and of course the bubbling rock and the hammock swing are my favorites!

This is going to benefit our children in ways we may never be able to account for in a data report.

It will make their hearts smile! Nice work!



Hi Ethan,

We are very pleased with our products and the children have found amazing ways to add to their play by using the tree cookies and benches, drums, and chimes.

Thanks again!



Hi, Ron,

Thank you so much!

You have no idea how exciting this pump has been for our children and our community!!

Have a great weekend!



Hi, Ethan,

Thanks for being so quick about replacing the product. It is greatly appreciated!

I was hoping we’d have the replacement by the date of our family picnic to celebrate the completion of our natural play area, and it arrived in plenty of time!

It's been great working with you and your company.

I have passed your website on to some of the other directors in the area!

Thanks again!



Hi Deborah!

I’m a big fan of Natural Playgrounds and Ron and Ethan King so this is a pleasure to write!

How do the children/students feel about their natural playground vs. one with equipment?

They love it. Sometimes their reaction is not as fast as it is to an in-your-face primary color or railroad-tie structure. I think this is because they’ve been marketed (by experience if nothing else) to see those things as “playground equipment” and Natural Playground sites don’t scream “playground equipment.” If fact, they may not even be “equipment” in any general sense of the word. I guess Natural Playgrounds don’t necessarily say “playground” when you first see them; they say “what is going on here? Is this a place to play,or what?” It’s all part of the discovery focus of the playground.

Are the children/students ever bored in our natural playground?

No. Some days they sit there and just “live in” the experiences. Some days they climb and slide and “play” in the playground. Often the energy is steady and charming, not really hyper. One of the great things about natural playgrounds is that there are places where you can sort of sit-the-day-out of that’s what you want to do. While imposing above ground manufactured play sites encourage stimulation and “attitude,” natural playground structures encourage discovery and growth. They are interesting and while we’re at it, they are safe, too.

How much maintenance is there involved in your playground?

There is slightly more weed-whacker work involved in our playground than when the site was simply a field that someone could speed mow in a straight line. Now there is mowing for sure, but also a slide in the ground that you have to whack around, and several stepping and climbing structures that need to be whacked around. The play stations themselves have not needed any maintenance whatsoever.

How much maintenance in winter time?


Do you have any regrets? Anything that you wish you had incorporated into your natural playground but didn’t?

No regrets. Our playground is suitable for our site which has 10 affordable housing apartments. The Natural Playground Company designs within your budget parameters, so if you have this much money you can do this, if you get more later maybe you can add that. They are great with this kind of flexibility. We got all the parts installed that we raised the money for, but we didn’t get around to the sort of side sitting areas where there would be window-box type structures for gardening and a couple of Adirondack chairs. But what we contracted for we got, both in design and implementation.

What are some of the items that are favorites for the children/students?

They love the in-ground slide often first because it is something they recognize even if it is peculiarly in/on the ground. They love the stepping “stones” of wood, and the climbing tree. They love some kind of structure they can “hide” under if they like. They like the paths through the woods and near the stream. I don’t know what if anything they “don’t” like. Haven’t heard of anything.

Any advice?

A Natural Playground is a self-discovery site of long-term value. In a way you never outgrow a natural playground. The concept and the reality are both worth investing in.

Jane W.


Good Morning, Ron . . .

First of all, I owe you MANY pictures of our children on the amazing natural playground we created together. I will work on getting a series to you. They will most certainly inspire you!



Hi Ron and Ethan, 

I wanted to say thank you for helping to make this happen and getting it done so quickly!

I appreciate the concessions you made and that you worked in partnership with us to close the final gaps.  

It looks great and we are thrilled to get the kids on the hillside!

Thank you again. 


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