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Storage Bench

Storage Bench
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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Everywhere we go, storage is an issue.

When we begin working on designs for clients, they always mention the need for storage on their playgrounds, so we've come up with some pretty neat ways to store things. (If you haven't also checked out our Storage Tree, you should definitely do so.)

But this Storage Bench serves a whole different purpose and has several unique uses, making it a must-have on a playground.

We initially designed it to be near sand play areas so that light weight sand covers could be folded and stored inside. People liked them so much that they began asking for these Storage Benches for storing other things such as toys, sand play items, loose parts such as blocks, game elements, and so on.

And the neat thing about them? They can be used as plain old benches at the same time! So you can sit on them or store things inside them. These are now becoming one of our top sellers as well.

The Storage Benches have Cedar tops (treated with safe Thompson’s Waterseal) that close with soft shut hinges to ensure against accidents, and they're weatherproof. They can be placed on top of the ground, or partially buried, as the sides are made of Kid Friendly, pressure treated wood that has a very long life span.

Our standard box measures 2'x2'x4' long, but other sizes can be made to order; all you need to do is ask!