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Sitting Stumps (set of 4)

Sitting Stumps (set of 4)
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: all ages
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The Sitting Stumps, cut from real logs as part of a forest management, thinning project in northern New England, are a fantastic way to bring pieces of one of nature's most beautiful creations onto the playground.

The various-sized, easily manipulated sitting stumps can also be used for loose parts, stacking, imaginative play, and amphitheater seating.

Natural log Sitting Stumps will range from 10" (great for toddlers) to 15" high, unless otherwise specified, and are 10"-12" diameter. Come as a set of 4, but can be sold individually.

Because they are natural, Sitting Stumps will exhibit cracks or splits as they dry out over time, but this will only add to their beauty and teach children about natural processes. It will not reduce the structural integrity of the Sitting Stumps.

They'll last a long, long time (years and years!) without much sign of wear anyway; we want children to know what real wood smells like (and not smell some kind of oil or mineral smell that gives off a weird odor
when the stumps are in the hot sun); and we want the children to see and observe the inevitable changes that will occur over a long period of time!

Because bark clings to the trunk differently depending on the seasons throughout the year, sometime being loose, and sometime being tight, we have never been able to guarantee that any of our tree products will come with bark. Unfortunately, sometimes it looks great leaving our shop, but when it gets to the customer, some of the bark has fallen off, which then doesn’t look great, then some people complain....

So, during the season when the bark is “tight,” we will probably make the decision to keep it on. However, should it arrive on your premises without bark, it’s because we decided to take it off for the reasons above.

Four 12”+/- D x 12”+/- H natural sitting stumps

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