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Bamboo Poles (Set of 10, 1”x 8’ long)

Bamboo Poles (Set of 10, 1”x 8’ long)
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Age Appropriateness:
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Our Bamboo Poles are extraordinary play items, one of the best "loose parts" available anywhere.

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester NY says "Sticks are not only possibly the oldest toys, they're possibly the best,” so kids HAVE to have them! And they're all natural!!

Poles can be tied together, used as bridge parts, shaped into a tipi, used like logs for a cabin, leaned against a building and covered with a blanket for a lean-to, set on the ground and walked over as part of a obstacle courses, outline a path, laid out to represent a room or rooms or to divide spaces, they can be used in numerous other creative ways.
Children find sticks an endless source of make-believe fun.
When children pretend with sticks, they cultivate their creativity and develop their imaginations. These simple saplings are a must have for any natural playground, especially yours!

Poles are sustainably harvested from 3-5 year old bamboo in order to achieve maximum wall thickness and density. Every Pole undergoes a natural curing process to ensure strength, longevity, and beauty.

Bamboo is between one tenth and one hundredth the weight of other loose parts materials, yet in many applications, it's more durable and more aesthetic than wood saplings. Bamboo wood fiber is also naturally termite resistant and therefore a better option than many kinds of tree wood in termite prone regions.

Our Bamboo poles come in bundles of 10, are usually no bigger than 1-1.5" in diameter, and are approximately 8' in length.

You should get at least 2 bundles, because they will be a favorite!