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Mud Kitchens

Mud Kitchens
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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: 3-10 years
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Mud Kitchen. That’s all you have to say. Mud Kitchen!

Creative play at its finest, Mud Kitchens encourage children to make up stories about dinner, recipes, mixing things together, serving up dishes, and eating.

A little dirt, add a little sand, add a little water, add sticks, stones, pine needles, grasses, and flowers and you have a thick, savory soup fit for a king.

This Mud Kitchen is a specially designed play and learning element that has the best features of many popular and handmade Mud Tables. It has hanging holes, racks, shelves, a work space, and a plastic basin (with a drain) that’s removable so lots of projects can be going on at once. There is also a lower shelf for storing other basins, flowerpots, and tools.

The neat thing about mud is that it can have varying characteristics depending on the composition of the mixture. Lots of dirt and a little water = thick mud that holds its shape. The other way around, lots of water and little dirt, and you have a soupy mix.

Kids will experiment with everything in between, so it gives them an excellent opportunity to try out their concoctions. And what’s more fun than getting their hands dirty, up to their elbows in the one play activity they’ll never forget?

We’ve done hundreds of workshops with adults, asking them to remember some of their favorite outdoor play activities and invariably making mud pies is at the top of their lists.

Mud Kitchens also encourage a tremendous amount of socialization, group decision-making, problem-solving, and learning how to resolve conflicts which inevitably arise as other children want to add things to the mix.

This Mud Kitchen comes in 3 iterations:

1. with our famous, sealed, completely safe, stainless steel pump which is fed by an easy to install cistern that needs to be hooked up to a hose or underground pipe for a constant source of water. A drain bucket for in-ground drainage is included.

2. With a metered faucet instead of the pump; includes the hose with fitting to attach to a garden hose. A drain bucket for in-ground drainage is included.

3. With a sink, but no water source. You provide your own!

The basin has a drain, and the shelf under the table allows you to put a small bucket to collect whatever is being washed out of the basin for reuse on your garden.

Mud Kitchen with a full set of simple, installation instructions.

This is the one item that your natural playground must have, so don’t even hesitate! It is worth every penny!

The Mud Kitchen is 60” long and 45” tall. The counter is 20” off the surface and its approximately 24” wide.

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