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Design for $350,000 Natural Playground

Design for $350,000 Natural Playground
Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: All Natural
Age Appropriateness: infants to 6 years
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This was a 24,000 SF parking lot surrounding this large school in Mass that we transformed into a beautiful Natural Playground that brings nature close to children in this densely populated city.

The parking lot around the building was removed completely, and in its place is now a gorgeous natural learning and play environment replete with beautiful shade trees, plenty of wildlife habitat, and a huge variety of discovery-oriented learning and play activities.

Design features in this plan included an infant/toddler learning and play area with
• a small hill for rolling and sliding,
• embankment slide
• several miniature shade trees
• rock scramble
• crib stair for climbing steps
• sand play area with hand pump and sluice
• a bubbling rock
• crawl-through tunnel
• gadget board
• pull-up bars
• mirror balls
• funnel stand
• large water play table
• collection table and sitting stumps
• mud kitchen
• water play patio with cooling spray

And included preschool and school age learning and play areas with
• 7’ high mountain with foothills
• 12’ long embankment slide built into the hill
• long rock scramble
• 7’ high embankment climbing wall
• 5’ high mountain with foothills
• 9’ long embankment slide built into the hill
• post balance walk up the hill
• interactive sundial
• willow tunnel
• sitting stump story circles
• loose parts play area
• music area with thunder drum, musical fence, pebble harp, hank drum, listening tubes, and pedestal pipes
• 12’ high climbing TeePee
• several art easels
• abacus
• several tree table benches around large, beautiful pine trees
• large sand play area with hand pumps and sluiceways
• bridge
• balance scale
• storage benches in the sand
• water play patio with cooling spray
• shallow cave
• gazebo with stage and stone amphitheater seating
• playground drinking fountain
• 5 circuit labyrinth
• tree deck with climbing net, climbing wall, and closed back ladder
• raised bed gardens
• entrance arbor to a trail through the woods with several resting and reading areas
• 1/2 court for basketball
• several slab benches
• several arbor swings
• several storage sheds
• several large shade trees
• complete site drainage and irrigation system
• and the area is now completely covered with beautiful real grass

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