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Brand: Natural Playgrounds Company
Toxicity: child friendly wood preservative
Age Appropriateness: toddlers
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This is a Boat, clear and simple.

We don't usually feature play elements with dedicated play use, but...

That is, we try carrying elements that encourage kids to make up things, to pretend that what they're doing is something real, to use their imaginations, so we usually don't offer elements that dictate their play activity.


One of our customers insisted we design and build a few of these boats for their multi-age playgrounds, so we did, and the kids (and teachers loved them), so then we figured, well, maybe someone else out there would like this same element on their playground...

So here it is!

This Boat is not fastened to the ground in any way, so whenever you want, it can easily be moved to different locations on your playground.

Total length of the Boat is 7’6”, width is 3’, and height to the topmost piece is 14-1/2”.

This boat is made with child-friendly treated lumber and carries our standard warranty (see the home page)