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STEAM Learning

All research says that children learn better and more outside than they do inside.

STEAM learning starts with a lesson in one discipline that then leads to lessons in other disciplines, so that one is building on the next.

For instance, leaves can be collected, counted, studied, researched, photographed, sketched, dissected, written about, reported, and then the results can be shared with anyone in the world, thus touching on ALL the STEAM disciplines!

Just think how rich nature is with an endless supply of starting points: plants of all sizes, soil, nutrients, worms, insects, animals, clouds, rain and groundwater, sun, clouds, wind, air, gravity, geology, the landscape, the stars.

If you pick any ONE of these, the lessons that can be planned, discovered, talked about, and worked on are ENDless.

In this section of the store, we give you lots of items that can be used to support your efforts, and that make teaching and learning outside a whole lot of fun!

Wind Chimes

Ant Farms

Bug Hotel

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