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Backyard Ideas

Now that kids are staying at home, it’s a good time to bring good, old fashioned play to your backyard.

Here are a few examples of ideas, but basically, we can combine many of our products to make you anything you’d like.

A square or octagonal deck around a tree, with a ladder, climbing wall, net climb? We can do that.

Deck on top of a hill, with a rope climb, scramble climb, slide coming down the hill? We can do that, too!

But your kids will also love more simple things, like boulders and rocks to climb on, tree stumps and logs to sit on, a set of blocks, a hollow log....

Let your imagination run wild :))

Wind Chimes

Log House

Tree Bench

Ant Farms

Chimney Climb

Photo Wall

Bug Hotel

Tug Rope

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